Artist’s Statement

My art is a vibrant celebration of omniprocity, a testimony to the interconnected dance of creativity that transcends traditional boundaries.

In my creations, the process is not a mere act but a spiritual odyssey—a reflective journey where questions meld with colors, forming a sanctuary for contemplation, discovery, and inspiration. Drawing inspiration from a diverse palette, including the vignetted abstraction of Art Nouveau, the emotive strokes of Abstract Impressionism, the symbolic language of Abstract art, and the spiritual depth inspired by the visionary Hilma af Klint, my work weaves together threads of influences into a seamless expression.

Like Hilma af Klint, a pioneer in bridging the mystical and artistic realms, I embrace the transformative power of art. The tapestry of my art extends beyond aesthetics into a deeper purpose. It is a compass for navigating the vast landscapes of knowing, a transformative vehicle for being, and a path that beckons us to become more. Embracing elements of Realism and the free-spirited abstraction of Modern art, my creations serve as an intuitive language, communicating the intricate dance of emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

Through this artistic dialogue, inspired by visionaries like Hilma af Klint, I extend an invitation to dream bigger, feel deeper, and aspire to a brighter existence. My creations aim to stir emotions, provoke contemplation, and inspire a collective sense of joy. This artist statement encapsulates my journey and the universal dance of artistic expression, seeking to establish a harmonious connection between art, life, and the expansive spectrum of the human experience.


Elizabeth Gunter is an artist, graphic designer, and entrepreneur in search of creatives. Raised in New York City with one foot in New Jersey, her exposure to the fine arts began young. This grew into a deep appreciation for poetry, photography, and painting. An art scholarship drew her to Chicago, and then a fateful road trip carried her to Southern Utah, where she fell in love with the red rocks beneath stark blue skies.

Elizabeth’s greatest triumphs include her two adorably precocious children, working with national brands making beneficial imprints on the world, and opening ART Provides, her very own studio, event space, and gallery in a stunning historic theater. Here she hopes to create connections through art, both inside the minds of individuals, between small groups, and within larger communities.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Elizabeth actively serves on the boards of several influential organizations. She is a dedicated member of the Utah Cultural Alliance (UCA) 501c3 board, where she contributes to promoting and supporting cultural initiatives in the community. As a passionate advocate for the arts, she also lends her expertise and creativity to The Arts Council of Washington County, helping to enrich the local cultural landscape. Elizabeth’s commitment to the arts extends further as a valued member of the Arts to Zion board, where she actively promotes and celebrates artistic expression in the region. Additionally, she is a proud member of the Women’s Influence Network (WIN), where she empowers and inspires women from diverse backgrounds.

Away from a canvas, Elizabeth enjoys travel, exploring the great outdoors, meditation, and meeting mindful, open, authentic people. She swears in Spanish when surprised, breaks into solo dance parties to release stress, and obsesses over fancy inks. She can’t help it. Art supplies and those who use them have her heart.

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